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Established in 1999, Guangdong Taienkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taienkang") has 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries.  It has a marketing network and sales force covering 28 provincial regions, 2,000+ hospitals and 200,000+ pharmacies.  

At the beginning of Taienkang’s establishment, it has established the development route of pharmaceutical marketing, which means dedicated to the intensive promotion and marketing on carefully selected domestic and foreign medical characteristics and competitiveness pharmaceutical products, providing one-stop services from market demand analysis, marketing strategy planning, product sales, channel expansion to terminal management, customer relationship maintenance, etc...  The enterprise acted as the agent who has successfully operated products such as ’’Fishing Pill IV’’, ’’Jolethin (Iodized Lecithin Tablets)’’, ’’Po Sum On Medicated Oil (Peppermint Surface Oil)’’ and American ’’Johnson & Johnson’’ Medical Devices, independently produced ’’Wuhuan’’ characteristic external medicine series, exclusive patent varieties ’’Compound Black Chicken Pill’’, ’’Tianfukang’’ series pills and ’’Taienkang’’ medical supplies are popular among market.  During the global epidemic outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the disposable medical (surgical) masks produced by the enterprise are sold abroad while ensuring the domestic epidemic prevention supply.  The domestic andrology drug ’’Aitingjiu (Dapoxetine Hydrochloride Tablets)’’ has been approved in 2020 which creates a new category of domestic andrology medicine.  Taienkang has gradually established the core advantages in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. 

In the competitive pharmaceutical industry economic environment, the enterprise explores the innovation of marketing business model actively, and increasing the strength in the field of production and R&D constantly to improve the core technology of products through innovative production process, set the R&D strategy with ’’innovative drug’’ as ’’the Top’’, ’’improved new drugs and biotechnology platform’’ as ’’the Body’’, ’’generic drugs’’ as ’’the Base’’, which are the solid backing for the enterprise to conduct independent R&D and enhance core competitiveness.  Taienkang fully implements the development concept of ’’One Main Line, Going Out, Bring In’’, following the national ’’Belt and Road’’ strategy to expand foreign markets, introduces foreign advantages and brand products into the Chinese market, lead the advantageous product of the enterprise to the foreign market, continues the original business advantages and market competitiveness of the enterprise.   

In the future, Taienkang will always adhere to the enterprise concept of ’’Honesty, Enterprising and True Feelings’’, insist on taking the public health as its own duty, taking innovation and research as the core development.  Relying on perfect marketing network, excellent products, top R&D team, Taienkang will enrich and perfect the company’s product system, rapidly realize the scale production through technology industrialization platform and pharmaceutical production base.  Therefore, the enterprise could improve its core competitiveness of the market, promote the comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise construction on the whole industry chain of ’’Research, Production and Marketing’’, cooperate with its partners for win-win, create more public welfare values for the society, bring more health products to customers, striving for its grand goal of health business!

Guangdong Taienkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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