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SHANTOU IMPORT & EXPORT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is a non-profit society which is organized by the foreign trade & economic enterprises, single and who concerned with them. It has a body corporate status.
Its tenets are :obey the constitution, the law, the rules and all the national courses and policies; obey the socialistic ethics; to be a good brain-man or a assistant; to be a bridge across the enterprises and government; to be a ligament among foreign trade & economic enterprises; serves and assorts for the industry. Through out our effective work, helps the enterprises improve their production and administration level; advanced the development of foreign economic & trade enterprises of our city. The STCCIE accepts the operate guidance and supervision by the Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation of Shantou and the Bureau of Non-governmental Organization Administration of Shantou.
Its sphere of business are: public and carry out the courses and policies of foreign economical & trade, improve the building of a socialist civilization to a high cultural and ideological level, reflect the demands of foreign economic & trade enterprises, protect our enterprises’ legal rights. In order to improve the development of the city in the area harmony and the stratagem to widen the foreign economic & trade deeply,the details as follow:

1、Take the investigation, communion, publication and supply for the theory about the scientific management and modernization which under the condition of socialist market economy.
2、Encircle the government’s macro-decisions and enterprise’s problems which is hot and difficulty, carrying out investigation, offere the investigated fruit, promote the policies ,rules about the enterprise’s innovation and management to carry out.
3、Organize the training for the managers and operators, organize the training about skills and knowledge in the field of foreign economic & trade business and management.
4、Cultivate and build up the legal sense of the enterprises, enhance the industry’s self-discipline, sets good professional ethics, reflect the enterprise’s willing and allowable requests in time, vindicate the enterprise’s and manager’s legal rights.
5、Carry out the domestic’s and overseas’ review and sales promotion activities. Organize foreign Economic & Trade enterprises and their managers, operators to review the domestic and overseas’ advanced experiences in business administration and trading , enlarge their horizon, communicate the information among the foreign economic & trade association actively, which are in different places, use their experience to improve the innovation of our foreign economic & trade enterprises deeply.
6、Summarize, extend the advanced experience and production of the management, commend the excellent enterprises and their manager.
7、Actively undertake the other affairs which are consigned by the foreign economic & trade association of the China, of the Guangdong Province and the same industry.

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