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WBM (shantou) LTD. Is a subsidiary of WBM group, which is located in Shantou,China. Business range covers production, processing,import and export. As purchasing center of WBM group, and the global marketing center outside the United States, manufacturing and sales of household appliances and home decoration, main products including decorative fan, decorative lamps, metal craft, health care and wellness products, etc.

WBM group company originated in Pakistan, WBM PRIVATE LIMITED (Pakistan) ,which operates minerals, textiles, food, home decoration, household appliances, etc.

Established a branch office in New Jersey in 1994, named as WBM LLC, the company employees more than 300 people, in collaboration with the world famous chain supermarkets and retail stores.And there are more than 10,000 square meters of warehouse and processing center, marketing channels across whole America, and also set up a branch in long beach in the west coast of the United States.Now  we are cooperating with hundreds of the well-known enterprises, including most of the world's TOP 10 famous chain stores and retailers. 

Main products including decoration fans, we use only eco-friendly coating materials, unique and beautifully colored appearance.


Himalayan Crystal Salt lamps material source from underground mine in Pakistan, the Himalayas crystal salt mine, more than 200 million years, they are the great gift of nature, in addition to the use as a unique lighting, also worked as air purified, is rare natural air purifier.


WBM group has now become the world's largest Himalayan salt product manufacturer, although China company is still young, already cooperated with Rite Aid, Shop NBC, Hobby Lobby, NRA, and other well-known enterprise, products are shown online at Wal-mart, Amazon, etc.

company has already begun to serve communities since come to China,  to provide support for vulnerable groups, our own foundation will serve as the soul of the company's business,work for China. 


ADD: Rm.1605,Building 1,Glory Convention and Exhibition Center,No.28,Zhucheng Road,Longhu District,Shantou City P.R China

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